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Gearbox Software Developing New Brothers in Arms

by William Schwartz


The last mention of a title in the Brothers in Arms series from Gearbox Software was back in 2011 at the Ubisoft press conference, with the mysterious title Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. A more comedic approach to the series, featuring four protagonists with different personalities.  Since then the title disappeared and word on another entry in the franchise has been quiet.

Speaking to IGN, at Develop: Brighton, CEO Randy Pitchford revealed that a new authentic title in the series was in the early development stages:

“I think the next Brothers in Arms game has to be authentic and we have been working on that. I feel we have unfinished business there with both the fiction and the history and I’d like to get into that. I spend a lot of time thinking about it.”

He continued on to say that it was still very early and in the conceptional phase.

“I feel like I’m on the brink of it, but we’re not quite there yet. Once it happens development will really take off and then sometime after that – if we don’t completely kill ourselves – we’ll announce. But we’re in the incubation phase with the next one there, for sure.”

Its nice to see that Gearbox Software still has room to make another entry in this beloved series, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway was a unique experience that I fondly remember.

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