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Gears of War: Ultimate Update to Fix Gnasher Shotgun — Could Cause Connection Issues

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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition players will be getting an update shortly that will address concerns from the player base that the Gnasher Shotgun is dealing inconsistent damage.  The Coalition is looking to fix this in an upcoming update for the game.  Announced over on the Gears of War Forums, here’s what’ll be included in the update.

“We wanted to improve the Gnasher by focusing on producing a consistent shot, so players can better predict and estimate the damage they are doing to opponents. We’ve done this by changing the Gnasher from a randomized pellet spread to the same shape spread. This will help reduce occurrences where you do less or more damage than expected, and also help players calculate their damage expectations during gunfights more accurately and consistently.”

  • General improvements to the consistency of the Gnasher.
  • Gnasher pellets now always shoot in a consistent pattern.
  • Removed “Idle State” from MP which could cause shooting trajectory to be more random.
  • Fixed a bug where some Gnasher shots were reporting as headshots incorrectly.

The shotgun-centric gameplay of the original Gears of War is a point of contention for many.  There are some Gears of War players out there who are exceptionally good with the gun, and this update very well make them better.

The update is currently rolling out for Gears of War: Ultimate players and The Coalition notes that servers are still being updated and that there could be longer than expected matchmaking times, issues with connectivity and issues with obtaining experience.

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