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Gears of War 4 Title Update 2 Details

by William Schwartz


Gears of War’s second title update is set to arrive on December 6th.  With it new maps will roll into an updated map rotation.  Glory and Speyer will be available in both the Versus and Horde Developer Playlist per the Gears of War forums. Title Update 2 will need 6GB of space on the Xbox One and 7GB on Windows 10.

Both of the new maps will be put into rotation on December 13th, with Gridlock and Relic removed from public playlists.  Fallout will also be removed from the competitive playlist.  However, all of these maps are still available to play in Private Match for all players.

This update will also give Season Pass holders additional XP and Credits while playing in the Developer Playlist during the week it’s available.  As per the terms of the Season Pass, all DLC maps will permanently be available for use in Versus and Horde private matches.

Notes from the Gears of War team explain that they are ‘looking to add more value for Season Pass holders.’

A number of fixes issued in the update can be found on the Gears of War forums, which include added support for Daily Rewards, audio levels for friendly footsteps having a sound reduction, and a new inventory screen at the main menu.  A number of bug fixes will also be included in this big update.

Going forward, the Gears team says that they will be focusing on Quit Penalties and other features to further optimize the game.

Gears of War 4 players will be having an important event this weekend across both the Xbox One and PC.  The Coalition is allowing Cross play between the Xbox One and PC platforms by holding a Versus beta this weekend that will allow The Master Race to face off against console pleebs, though some are already concerned about possible cheating.   Particpating in this event is as simple as playing in the social playlist this weekend.

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