Attack of the Fanboy

Get Free 3D with your DS

by William Schwartz


So by now you’ve likely heard that Nintendo is getting ready to drop the price of the Nintendo 3DS to spur demand.  What you might not have heard, is that the company has no plans on dropping the price of the the older models of the Nintendo DS.  When the announcement was made concerning the upcoming price drop Nintendo also revealed that the prices of the DS Lite ($99.99), the DSi (149.99), and the DSi XL (169.99) would be remaining the same.

So it appears that if you’re in the market for a Nintendo DS, you can get a free 3D upgrade while you’re at it. Since Nintendo is dropping the 3DS to 169.99 in the coming weeks, that seems like a no brainer when deciding which system to purchase.  Whether Nintendo will eventually reduce the price of the XL system once the price cut goes into effect is remaining to be seen.  But the company gave IGN a pretty straight forward response when posed with the question, and that answer was No.

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