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Get Nostalgic With The Launch Trailer of Pokemon Crystal for 3DS

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Nintendo is celebrating the release of the classic Pokemon Crystal on the Virtual Console of 3DS with a new trailer that instantly sends your mind on a nostalgia trip. This last game of the second generation launches in all its original glory, and a few 3DS-specific features that are always welcome. Pokemon Crystal was the first game in the series to represent a sort of generation wrap after the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver, as a sort of complete edition that reunited the best of the two predecessors and adding some special content on its own. This would be repeated in the following cycles with Pokemon Emerald or Platinum.

Pokemon Crystal also introduces an optional female protagonist for the first time in the series, and features some animated sprites absent in Gold and Silver. It also presents a brand new storyline involving the new legendary Pokemon of this entry, Suicune. As for the new 3DS features, the game will support the Pokemon Bank, which allows players to transfer their Pokemon to the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Players will also get access to Celebi in the post-game without going through any special event.

Pokemon Crystal Version is available now on Nintendo 3DS.

Pokémon Crystal Version – Launch trailer (Nintendo 3DS)

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