Glitches in Modern Warfare 2

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With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 being one of the biggest video games of all time, there has been a spotlight shown directly on every flaw in the game. Since it’s release the game has had it’s share of problems. The Carepackage Glitch, Javelin Exploits, Hacked Servers, among many others have seemingly plauged the game and it’s online components.

Though according to Infinity Ward spokesperson Robert Bowling, this didn’t have much of an impact on the game’s overall popularity. In a recent discussion, Bowling stated:

“No, there was no drop in players. Since people take this game very seriously and they play so hardcore – we do as well – you know that stuff gets a lot of attention.”
“But in the grand scheme of things, I mean we have 25 million unique players and of the people who experienced those types of things and even participate in those types of things are very very small – like one per cent of our user base. So in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really impact the overall experience of the majority of players.”

I have played a pretty good deal of Modern Warfare 2 in the past five months.  4Days 22 Hours and 50 Minutes to be exact, (wowser hadn’t looked at that b4) and although I obviously have known about the glitches, exploits, boosters, and other seemingly game ruining characteristics, my run-ins with these problems have been very small.  I saw the Javelin Glitch a few times. I managed to do the care package glitch in a private room to test it myself, but never knowingly encountered someone using the exploit in a room I was playing in.  I got dumped into a hacked server once or twice.  Though, none of these things ever really made me dislike the game any less.  So I can totally see some truth in this statement.

When you take into consideration how swiftly Infinity Ward deals with most problems that arise, even the small percentage of people that were actually experiencing problems  didn’t have very long to suffer.

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