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Is God of War 3 The New Front-Runner for GOTY?

by William Schwartz


If Metacritic is used as the measuring stick it appears that God of War is still holding a strong second to Mass Effect 2 in the race for GOTY. With 95 reviews for Mass Effect and a meta score of 96, the game currently holds a two point lead to God of War III. God of War III with only 33 reviews currently ranks at a meta score of 94. With the games release date still a little over a week away, God of War III has built a strong score base pre release and has earned “Universal Acclaim” thus far.

News for Gamers meta review shows God of War with an average score of 9.4 out of 70 reviews.   The same site also show Mass Effect 2 rating a 9.5 overall with 327 reviews.  Game of the Year 2010, not likely to be ran away with by anyone at this stage of the game.

Tell us what you think! Who do you think takes home the honors this year?  Is it Mass Effect 2, God of War III, or is it a game that hasn’t come out yet? Leave a comment in the section below.

Mass Effect 2- Metacritic
God of War III – Metacritic

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