God of War III Might be the Best Game Ever Made

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Spanning three systems and four titles the God of War series is finally reaching it’s pinnacle,while at the same time coming to an end.  As a long time fan of the games I waited with baited breath for the final act, hoping for a conclusion that would be worthy of the series.  After months of hype, this weekend marked the date where I claimed my final vengeance and it was satisfying to say the least.  Though one thing is for certain when playing through God of War III, I couldn’t help but anoint the title as the best action game ever made, on any platform, period.

This is not a review of  the game, if it was, I’d have to find some nit picking bullshit part of the game to hang my hat on.  These are my feelings about the game after my first play-through.  Make no mistakes about it: God of War III might spoil your year.  So early into 2010, you are unlikely to find any other game that is going to match GOW III in either terms of graphical quality, game-play, or story.

For those of you that are concerned with God of War III’s introduction, it’s grand scope, and the game’s ability to carry this forward.  Stop.  It’s true, the game starts out with a bang, but where many games might fizzle out after such an epic introduction, God of War III is so elaborately paced, that the awesome doesn’t stop until the credits roll.  You get pleasantly suprised at so many points in the game,  that by the end, it’s a little bittersweet knowing that this journey has to come to an end.

There is such a clear divide between God of War III and everything else in the genre

Santa Monica wasn’t lying when they said that their only competition was themselves.  There is such a clear divide between God of War III and everything else in so many aspects of the game, that it’s clearly unfair to even begin to compare this game to a Dante’s Inferno, or a Bayonetta.  I also don’t envy the poor souls that must judge a game like God of War III against a title like Mass Effect 2 for Game of the Year.  Having played them both, it’s not fair.  God of War III, doesn’t just make you look at the genre and say, “Yup, God War series is the best action game around” it makes you examine the realm of possibilities in video game design.

It’s no secret that God of War III is a brilliant and beautiful game. But, the way that it all comes together is what is truly remarkable.  Attention to details so minute in the graphics department, and changes made to the combat system which make Kratos even more capable  than ever before, I’m honestly surprised that they don’t start charging people more for these types of games.  Games that are so near perfection that have been in QCed to death, makes it worth your while when you compare it to some other full priced titles.

Since this turned into less of a review, and more of a letter to Santa Monica thanking them for their efforts, I might as well go ahead and officially thank them.  Not for just making a beautiful game, but also for finishing on such a high note.  The game feels as fresh as it does the first time I played it, and I appreciated the way that no plot developments occurred that gave me anything but closure to my personal journey in the series.  It’s hard to imagine that another title will be able to match either the visual fidelity of God of War III, or it’s epic and grand nature.  With pitch perfect pacing, a story that feels right in the conclusion of a series, and graphics that might shake the foundations of the industry,  God of War III both met and exceeded my expectations of not only the series but of video games in general.

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