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Goldberg Wants In On WWE 2K16?

by Damian Seeto


It appears Goldberg is trying to get his way into WWE 2K16 judging by some comments he made in a recent interview.

ESPN’s SportsNation TV show recently caught up with Goldberg. He made an interesting comment that he’s being more “politically correct” towards wrestling because he’s waiting on a WWE video game. This could mean he wants to be in WWE 2K16.

Goldberg was one of the most popular WCW wrestlers ever. He also wrestled for WWE for one year, but he didn’t like his experience. He’s been very vocal about how he feels about Triple H over the years too…

Because of this bad WWE experience, Goldberg never wrestled for them ever again. Surprisingly, he did make a deal with them to release a DVD and appear in WWE 2K14 in 2013.

After 2013 however, Goldberg’s relationship with WWE didn’t improve and he wasn’t considered to be in WWE 2K15. However, his kids want to see him wrestle again so he’s now trying to be less bitter towards WWE.

WWE 2K15 introduced the interesting 2K Showcase mode. It would be exciting if WWE 2K16 included a storyline where you play as Goldberg during his undefeated winning streak.

Maybe Goldberg could bury the hatchet with Triple H and we could see him in both WWE and WWE 2K16 in the near future. After all, Sting managed to sign a WWE contract after all these years.

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