Golden Eye remake Rumored, Leaked, Confirmed

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Older gamers probably remember GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 as a title that many sat around with four friends playing the truly remarkable 4 player multiplayer. Well it turns out that a whole new generation of gamers are going to get a chance to experience a re-imagining of the N64 Classic.  A survey was leaked detailing the game with images:

Golden Eye for Nintendo 64 was a game that defined a genre.  Now, after 13 years of gaming innovation the legend is re-imagined.  Developer from the ground up for the Wii, GoldenEye takes advantage of the latest technology to deliver the same intense experience with today’s graphics and physics.

Play a modernized version of the classic story with the new Bond (Daniel Craig), more lethal and cunning that ever as you take on missions around the world.  Relive all the legendary moments from the original game: St. Petersburg, The Caribbean, and numerous other levels.  Leverage the classic arsenal of weapons and gadgets as you fight your adversaries from the classic.  The enhanced multiplayer experience offers 4 player split screen like the original and introduces 8 player online matches.  Golden Eye is 13 years better, are you?

Alongside the statement there were also these images leaked as well

This has since been confirmed by Eurogamer that Eurocon is the developer on the title GoldenEye for Wii as well as DS.  The title “should” be released in November There will be more on the remake of GoldenEye at E3.

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