Google Says Xbox One Was Most Searched Video Games Console In 2014

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When people search for terms on Google, it usually is an indication of what is trending or what is popular. It’s interesting to note that the Xbox One was the number one searched video games console this year.

Google Trends has put up a list of all the things people searched on Google in the year of 2014. If you look at the “Consumer Electronics” category, there is a top 10 list of all the electronic goods people searched for. The only video game console on there is the Xbox One placing in at number seven.

The top 10 list is as follows:

1) iPhone 6
2) Samsung Galaxy S5
3) Nexus 6
4) Moto G
5) Samsung Note 4
6) LG G 3
7) Xbox One
8) Apple Watch
9) Nokia X
10) iPad Air

As you can see, most of the Google searches were for smartphones and tablets. The only video game console there is the Xbox One. It’s possible the search of the “PS4” and “PlayStation 4” don’t count as one item. Not many people search “XB1” while looking up stories for the Xbox One.

It’s worth mentioning too that this list was for the Global Search terms of Google users. This list wasn’t biased to say just American users or something like that.

The “Consumer Electronics” list from Google Trends in 2013 was a little different. The “PlayStation 4” was listed at number three while the Xbox One placed in fourth.

What made people search for Xbox One more in 2014 is anyone’s guess. It’s possible a lot of people already have or know what a PS4 can do and needed to know more about Microsoft’s console this year.

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