Google to Host First Ever Stadia Connect this Thursday

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As if we already don’t have enough press conferences and livetsreams these next 7 days, Google has thrown their hat in the ring as well. According to the company, they will host the first ever Stadia Connect this Thursday at 9:00 am PST. Apparently they will reveal more information regarding their online streaming service, as well as more games that may or may not be added to their lineup.

The company made quite the slash when they initially unveiled their brand new service a few months ago, stirring up the video game community in the process. During that conference, Google boasted that despite what hardware you’re playing on, you will be able to run any AAA title at full 60 fps and 1080p. Eventually, that will include full 4k with HDR and than even later, 8k with 120fps.

We haven’t head a lot since then, so the time seems to be right for Google to really give us the goods on what this thing can do for us. Going up against all of the industries giants will be a tough endeavor to be sure, but if Google has shown us anything in the past, its that they are always ready to rise up to the challenge.  As we stated before, Google will host the Stadia Connect this Thursday at 9:00 am PST. They’ll be streaming on their official Youtube channel which you can check out here.

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