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Grand Theft Auto 5 Headlines PlayStation Store’s GTA Franchise Sale

by Dean James


Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most popular game series ever since the launch of the release of the modern version of the series in Grand Theft Auto 3, with Grand Theft Auto 5 continuing to show up in the monthly NPDs long after release. This makes it no surprise that the series would be a perfect fit for the final week of the PlayStation Store’s franchise sale and that is exactly where the focus is this week.

As revealed by the official PlayStation blog, the Grand Theft Auto franchise sale pretty much has everything you would imagine from the series that has released across the PS4, PS3, and even the PSP.

The PS4 of course has Grand Theft Auto 5 on sale by itself and within a few bundles that give you in-game currency, but the system also has the recent PS2 classic versions of 3, Vice City, and San Andreas available individually or as part of a trilogy bundle.

The PS3 has those available, but more including Grand Theft Auto 4, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, while the PSP has the portable version of the latter two, as well as Chinatown Wars.

This Grand Theft Auto sale will last through next Monday, April 25 as we conclude the nearly two month long PlayStation Store franchise sale.

PlatformTitlePlus PriceSale PriceOriginal Price
PS4Grand Theft Auto 3$8.99$10.49$14.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto 5$38.99$44.99$59.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto 5 & Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle$45.59$53.19$75.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto 5 & Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle$67.99$81.59$135.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto 5 & Whale Shark Card Bundle$54.44$64.34$98.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas$8.99$10.49$14.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy$17.49$20.99$34.99
PS4Grand Theft Auto: Vice City$8.99$10.49$14.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2 Classic)$5.99$6.99$9.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City$9.99$11.99$19.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto 4$9.99$11.99$19.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto 4: The Complete Edition$14.99$17.99$29.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto 5$25.79$31.79$59.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto 5 & Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle$30.39$37.99$75.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto 5 & Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle$48.95$62.55$135.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto 5 & Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle$39.59$49.49$98.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2 Classic)$5.99$6.99$9.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas$8.99$10.49$14.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto: The TrilogyN/A$11.99$29.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2 Classic)$5.99$6.99$9.99
PS3Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS2 Classic)$5.99$6.99$9.99
PS3GTA Double Pack: Liberty City Stories & Vice City StoriesN/A$9.59$15.99
PSPGrand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars$9.99$11.99$19.99
PSPGrand Theft Auto PS Vita Collection$17.49$20.99$34.99
PSPGrand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories$9.99$11.99$19.99
PSPGrand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories$9.99$11.99$19.99

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