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Grand Theft Auto V Is Slowly Approaching The 100M Milestone

by Jelani James


Grand Theft Auto V is well on its way to reaching the 100 million units milestone, with Take Two revealing that the game has now sold 90 million units world wide.

The latest numbers come courtesy of Take Two’s recent investor conference call where it detailed its fortunes for the past fiscal quarter. During which we learn that not only did Grand Theft Auto V reach the aforementioned 90 million units milestone, but sold 15 million units within 2017 alone.

In addition, Grand Theft Auto Online reportedly had its best year in 2017 with December being noted as a particularly “epic” month where the game had more active players than ever before. And to top it off, GTAO exceeded Take Two’s expectations during the past fiscal quarter and remains its biggest contributor for recurring consumer spending (microtransactions).

It was only just four months ago that we heard that Grand Theft Auto V managed to reach a milestone (85 million at the time), meaning that the game shipped roughly 5 million units during the holiday season.

Regardless of how you look at it, what Rockstar managed to pull off with Grand Theft Auto V is impressive. However, what truly makes these numbers so noteworthy is that GTA V is old (as far as video games are concerned). Despite now being available on current-gen consoles, the fact still remains that Grand Theft Auto V debuted on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. It’s almost unheard of for console games to keep up comparable momentum, much less push more copies within a single year than other titles that came out within that same time period. For example, Star Wars Battlefront II sold 7 million copies () within 2017.

And it doesn’t look like this momentum doesn’t look like it will be stopping either, as Grand Theft Auto Online is set to have even more content come out in 2018.

With things the way they are, Grand Theft Auto V breaking 100 million is pretty much a forgone conclusion.

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