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‘The Great Ace Attorney 2’ Celebrates 15 Years With New Trailer

by Joanne Choi


Trailing behind ‘The Great Ace Attorney,’ Capcom recently released a new trailer titled, ‘Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Special Courtroom’ of the upcoming sequel, ‘The Great Ace Attorney 2’ for the Nintendo 3DS, which is currently in development.  Though the West has no mention of either titles, fans shouldn’t lose hope just yet.  With western releases of the classic ‘Ace Attorney Trilogy’, as well as ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies’ and most recently, ‘Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice,’ it is likely for the new game to be released since the franchise will also be celebrating its 15th anniversary, first title releasing in Japan in 2001.  We will have to wait and see if Capcom announces any further information.

Nonetheless, Phoenix Wright is back again this time in the Meiji period of Japan as he is younger and clearly dressed in clothing from that time frame.  Accompanied this time by no other than the renown English investigator Sherlock Holmes himself, the duo take on the next case in the courtroom.  Other characters include Mikotoba Susato, Iris Watson most likely Holmes’ sidekick.  Aside from Holmes looking for clues in the game’s title, gameplay footages were revealed showing Phoenix Wright deep in thought during a trial, Watson and Holmes chatting, and kimono lady Mikotoba Susato looking concerned.

But what peaked viewers’ interests the most was towards the end of the clip.  A mysterious character concealed in the shadows…can it be a new prosecutor? Or perhaps an old favorite making an exclusive return? Fans have been wondering ever since the reveal.

Released in 2001 in Japan, ‘Ace Attorney’ is a visual novel video game where players take on the role of defense attorney Phoenix Wright who investigates various crime cases with the help of an assistant.  Going head to head in the court room with the opposing prosecutor, trying to collect clues from evidences left behind and interviewing witnesses and potential suspects.  From quirky dialogue to overly exaggerated facial expressions, in a good way of course, players will get a kick out of this popular series leading to multiple spin-offs in games, manga, anime, and live action film.

Here’s hoping for a Western release!

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