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GTA Online Money Cheats addressed in recent update

by William Schwartz


Rockstar has recently implemented a new title update for Grand Theft Auto V which addresses numerous issues in GTA Online. According to an update from the developer, the new update fixes cash cheats and rank cheats that have been plaguing the game since launch.

The support page over on Rockstar’s website says that the patch includes “improved anti-cheat measures” as well as “fix for several GTA$ and RP exploits.”

Cheats in GTA Online have been rampant since launch. Numerous cheats have been discovered to get unlimited virtual currency in Los Santos, allowing players to bypass the game mechanics of playing and earning items, cars, and property in the game world. Rockstar also sells players money via micro-transactions within the game, and these cheats and exploits have no doubt been something that might deter players from plunking down real cash.

Rockstar has been putting out fires and improving upon the games core features since the October launch of GTA Online. A recent content update enabled players to create their own game modes and content for GTA Online. There’s been no word of future GTA Online DLC, or GTA V story DLC at this point.

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