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Rockstar waiting to see what happens with GTA V on Xbox One and PS4

by William Schwartz


Rockstar hasn’t ruled out the possibility of GTA V on the Xbox One and PS4, but it doesn’t look like the game will be arriving on next-gen platforms anytime soon.  Unfortunately though, Rockstar has left the door open for speculation by addressing the possibility in a recent interview.

Leslie Benzies spoke with Computer and Video Games recently, and the Rockstar North developer relayed that the studio will “see what happens in the future”, with regards to a next-gen launch.

“We’ll get the current gen version out first and see what happens in the future,” said Benzies in the interview.  So for now, it seems like Rockstar is sticking to the gameplan.  It would make sense that a PC and next-gen console version ported in tandem with the new consoles and current PCs having similar horsepower.  However, it’s worth noting that at the onset of this generation, there were many that expected Rockstar to re-release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the new hardware.   That didn’t happen, aside from a straight port that did not take advantage of the new hardware in any way.

It was recently discovered that Rockstar was looking for developers to help port their games onto new hardware, so the wheels could very well be in motion for this to become a reality.

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