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GTA V vs. Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Moves Forward

by Kyle Hanson


In a very surprising move, Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Rockstar and their GTA V game has been moved forward. No ruling has been reached, but a judge has looked at the case and decided that it warrants more investigation.

The reason that this is surprising is that the lawsuit seems to be fairly frivolous, as the actress claims the game developers utilized her likeness in their promotion of the game. The character of Lacey Jones from Grand Theft Auto V is said to be an “unequivocal” reference to her, and she is claiming damages and requesting compensation for this. Rockstar Games claims that the character is not at all based on Lohan, instead seeming to be a generic representation of a Hollywood starlet gone bad.

In the ruling, Judge John M. Kenney stated that the images provided by Rockstar that intended to show enough difference between Lohan and the character were not conclusive enough. They also tried to have the lawsuit dismissed on the grounds that Lohan took too long to file the claim.

This is definitely a blow for Rockstar, however it is not final in any way. All that was ruled here was that the case could move forward, and that Rockstar couldn’t have it dismissed outright. Looking at everything involved in the case, it seems very odd to even have it considered, as the character is more of a satirical look at general Hollywood actresses. Still, we’ll have to see how it all turns out when it actually goes to court, if the two parties don’t settle before that of course.

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