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Guile Is Coming To Street Fighter 5 On Thursday Night

by Dean James


Street Fighter 5 is taking a unique approach in the fighting genre by offering players the opportunity to either purchase DLC characters with real money or grind to earn them in game. Last month brought us the first character with Alex and now the second one is going to be available Thursday night.

It was revealed recently that Guile would be the second character to be added to Street Fighter 5 as DLC. We’ve known for awhile that he was coming, but the new information was that he would be coming as the second fighter of the six announced.

The plan is to have one of these release each month for the group of six, and with April nearing an end, we knew Guile had to be coming this week. Capcom didn’t officially reveal the release plans until now though, which they did through their official Twitter.

“Guile is planned to be released in North America on April 28th by 7pm PST!

According to this, Guile will be coming out at night instead of the usual releases for games in the earlier part of the day. This will especially be late for those on the East Coast where it will not be coming out until 10:00 pm.

Remember that you can purchase Guile with either your earned Fight Money from in-game or through Zenny that you purchase with real money. Make sure to stay tuned for our thoughts on how Guile plays after he releases so that you can get a little help deciding if he will be worth it.

- This article was updated on:April 28th, 2016

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