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Hacker Believes PSN Still Not Secure From Hacking Threat

by William Schwartz


Almost a month and half later, the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store are set to resume business as usual.  The network which had faced attacks from multiple hacking groups probably faces a trying time ahead of itself, with new groups pledging to continue the hacking attempts.  With a brand new security in place, and likely big bucks spent on the implementation of the newly secured network, you’d think that it would be more secure than ever.

Not so fast, says an ex-hacker that sat down with Industry Gamers to give his take on this whole debacle.  When IG’s John Gaudiosi asked the hacker if he thought the network was “hacker-proof”, he flat out said no, and his response may surprise you at how easy he thinks it would be for hackers to attack again.

No. And it’s not just Sony gamers that are at risk. It’s anyone who has any online gaming console like Xbox or Wii. Nothing’s 100 percent secure. Even if Sony had never been hacked, when anybody goes online to do anything, play games, search the Internet… you’re always taking a risk that somebody might get your information. When you’re connected to your Wi-Fi and you’re playing online games it’s opening up hundreds of ports. Each one of those ports is like a door that a hacker can use to bypass your firewall and get into your computer. In the gaming community, most people don’t even know this is happening. They just think I’m going online to play games and everything’s fine. They may not think about security because they have a firewall on their Linksys or DLink router that they bought at Radio Shack for $30 or $40. Well, if it was that easy then Sony shouldn’t have been hacked. They should have gone over to Radio Shack and grabbed a $40 DLink router and everything would be fine.

If there is another attack, it will be interesting to see how Sony’s new security holds up for the company.  Time will tell, the most recent threats to Sony came from a new group called LulzSec where the warned the electronics maker that this is “the beginning of the end for the company”

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