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Half-Life VR Game Code Spotted In Steam VR App

by Mike Guarino


The wait for Half-Life 3 continues to be a brutal one, but every now and then something happens that reminds fans that the series isn’t completely dead. The latest reminder comes in the form of game code found in the Steam VR app called Destinations, which suggests there has been some significant development in what could be a Half-Life VR game.

This was reported by the Valve News Network, who first notes that assets from the Half-Life series were used to experiment in VR. While nothing every really came of this, the potential of a Half-Life VR game was never denied by anyone from Valve.

Now, the Destinations app is out and some have been digging around within it, and they found something very interesting. A project called HL:VR was found, which included code that contained lots of different assets from the series. What’s more interesting is that a recent update was released for Destinations, and the code seems to have been developed further since the initial sighting.

What this all means is anybody’s guess, but regardless of what this ends up being, it’s at least good to know that something Half-Life related has gotten some attention. You can check out the video from Valve News Network below.

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