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Halo 4 will work with Microsoft’s Surface Tablet


Microsoft has a long history of attemping product synergy across their complete line of software and hardware products. With the incoming introduction of Windows 8, a brand new surface tablet, Smart Glass technology, and the tried and true Xbox brand, Microsoft has alot of loose ends to tie up in the months and years ahead.

Speaking at the GamesBeat 2012 Conference, Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment Don Mattrick, revealed that Microsoft’s new tablet will work with Halo 4. How exactly it will work, Mattrick did not elaborate.

Mattrick was likely alluding to the Smart Glass technology that Microsoft touted at E3 2012, rather than playing actual Xbox 360 games on the tablet. Since Mattrick didn’t explain, we suppose anything’s possible though.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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