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Halo 5 Getting “Classic Helmet” DLC Next Month

by Mike Guarino


The support for 343’s Halo 5 continues, as next month will see the release of new DLC and this weekend the release of a new Playlist. The news was revealed in the latest blog post from the developer, which announced a new “Classic Helmet” Req pack. Pricing or a release date for this DLC wasn’t set in stone, but they noted that they are shooting for a February 9th release date that could end up changing.

Next is the announcement of the new playlist called Warlords that will be coming to Halo 5’s Warzone today starting at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. This playlist will only be available this weekend, though it will allow you to play with a team of 12 instead of 6. 343 said the following about the change:

“This is being viewed as a test internally because frankly it may not be a great experience, especially if the population of pre-made 12-man Fireteams is low, resulting in longer-than-desired wait times for matchmaking. Still, we’re looking forward to rolling this out and seeing how larger teams respond and what the experience is like!”

Despite them changing back to a 12-man roster for this weekend’s playlist, they have no intentions to make it permanent. “The change to 6-person fireteams has had a positive effect on Warzone results for a large majority of matches played and our current plan is to keep it in place and monitor as we do with every list we run. There is a very obvious problem with the limit of 6 though and that relates to the passionate fans in large clubs and companies who truly enjoy the coordinated tactics and team efforts that unfold when 12 Spartans blitz a goal together. Many of us here in the studio love and miss this as well. Hence Warlords. We don’t want to set back the improvements made with 6-person teams, nor do we want to lose the 12-person spectacle either.”

You can read the entire blog post by clicking right here.

While the next main installment in the Halo series remains unannounced, the spin-off called Halo Wars 2 will be coming out next month. That game will launch on February 21st for Xbox One and PC, with the announcement of the game going gold being made last week.

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