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Halo Infinite: Everything To Know About the September Multiplayer Preview

Big Team Battle, PvP, and More!

by Aaron Nashar


343 has just announced that the next multiplayer preview for Halo Infinite will take place soon, starting on September 24. The flight will have additional Game Modes and several improvements on the last one.

The September 24 Halo Infinite Multiplayer Flight will include PvP multiplayer matches. While the last flight had PvP action, it only lasted for an hour and completely excluded players from outside North America because of its timing. This time PvP action will take place during the entirety of the flight.

If PvP wasn’t enough to get you excited, the September multiplayer preview will also include our first-ever look at Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle game mode. Big Team Battle is a long-standing fan-favorite Halo game mode, it was featured in the multiplayer trailer of the game, and will be around for the entirety of the September multiplayer preview.

The Halo Infinite Arena PvP action will be spicier than ever. In the September multiplayer preview, there will be a brand new map, on top of the three maps we have already seen in the first flight, and will have new objective modes.

Finally, 343 has also confirmed the return of Bots and the Academy, this time with some updates and the addition of Training Mode. At this time it is unclear what the training mode will include, but we speculate that in this mode players will be able to train against bots without having to worry about other players sweating.

In case you want to take part in this Halo Infinite Multiplayer Preview, make sure you sign up for the Halo Insider Program before September 13th using our Step by Step Guide. If you miss the deadline you will be eligible for future flights, just not the September 24th one.

Halo Infinite is releasing on December 8, 2021, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


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