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Halo MCC Season 8 Flight Kicks Off With Incredible New Armors

Halo MCC is Getting Even Better

by Aaron Nashar


343 is now in the process of sending out invites to Insiders to start testing out Halo MCC’s Season 8, and it is already live. The new season includes various updates from a new map, to improved visuals, new skins, and more.

In this flight, content for Halo Reach and Halo 3 is the main focus. Here’s a full list of what they’re testing :

  • New Halo 3 Map “Icebox”.
  • Weapon HUD Offset for all Halo MCC games.
  • A Custome Game browser for Halo CE and Halo 3.
  • Support for Steam Account linking.
  • Halo CE and Halo 3 skins will be usable in the campaign.
  • More options for Halo ODST firefight settings.
  • Improved Halo CE remastered visuals, better performance, and classic HUD return.

Halo MCC will also include massively different and new armors and helmets that have so far left the community divided if they aesthetically ruin the game or are just so good-looking.

343 has made it a habit to include their Halo Insiders in testing out any new update before it rolls out to the public. This habit started with earlier Halo MCC builds including when 343 was porting the game over to PC, and since then it has grown to be the new standard, especially when 343 has included Halo Insiders in the testing of their highly anticipated upcoming game Halo Infinite last July.

Any Halo fan can sign up to be a Halo Insider by signing up on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S are more than welcome to join in. 343 has already announced that there will be at least one more flight ahead of Halo Infinite’s launch, this time the flight will include PvP action and our first look at the game’s Big Team Battle mode.

Halo MCC Season 8 flight is live right now for select Halo Insiders and will be live until September 13th. The Season 8 update should be available for all Halo MCC players soon.

- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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