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Will Halo Reach be Multi-disc? And other questions that need answers.

by William Schwartz


With a franchise as popular as the Halo series, leading up to a launch there are a ton of questions about the game. Questions from all over the place, regarding specifics for the title, some with strong implications as to the tone of the game, and others that are just personal questions that gamers feel they need answered. With about a month to go before the public beta begins, we decided to do a search to drum up the most popular questions that still haven’t been answered regarding the details of Halo Reach.

1) Will Halo Reach have a public Matchmaking option for campaign?

One of the biggest complaints about Halo 3 and Halo ODST was the limitations that it put on players when searching for partners to play the game with in the campaign modes. While this transcended to the Firefight mode in ODST, Bungie hasn’t felt it necessary to  incorporate Matchmaking into the cooperative campaign modes of their games.  This cut the life out of ODST,  and Halo fans everywhere are wondering what fixes Bungie plans to implement if any.

2) Will Halo Reach feature Firefight?

There has actually been some speculation that Firefight has been named something else and we have already seen it on the Multiplayer Trailer that was released a few weeks back. As of yet, nothing has been confirmed as to it’s inclusion.

3) Will ODST be the only way to access the public beta which begins May 3rd?

Bungie’s Marcus Lehto was recently quoted in an interview with Joystiq at X10, and said: “ODST is the way in” but then again was asked if this was the only way in and he answered “Currently, Yes” Causing some confusion for players that don’t have ODST but still want access to the beta.

4) Forge Confirmation

Forge: It’s as close as you can get to modding on the Xbox 360. Well it at one time was as close as you can get to modding on the Xbox 360, pre-jtag. A large majority of the Halo community loves Forge and it’s ability to expand the already robust multiplayer component to a Halo title. It’s inclusion is assumed, yet not confirmed.

5) Will Halo Reach be a multi-disc title like ODST? Will any installation be mandatory to include all of the content?

We recently have seen many games on the Xbox 360 requiring that two (or more) discs are needed to include the ever increasing amounts of content. With a game as big and as hyped as Reach, is it safe to assume that a disk swap will be necessary?

6) How will Private and Party Chats work with the new matchmaking system?

Will Bungie implement a system like COD to prevent private chats in specific game modes?

7) From The Bungie Forums: Roughly how much of the multiplayer code is new for Reach?

8) From The Bungie Forums: Will we be able to choose our host in custom games?

9)  Bungie you’re leaving us without telling us what happened to Master Chief? What gives?

Many fans are confused as to why Bungie aren’t the ones that will finish what they started in Halo: Combat Evolved.  Being the last game in the series that the beloved developers are doing, they have instead taken us full circle.  It could always have some sort of dream sequence at the end, where we get the conclusion we have all been patiently playing on for, for seven years.

What say you reader?  Do you have any burning questions, that you want answered about Halo Reach?  It’s not like were gonna give you any answers, but post them in comments section below anyway.

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