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Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Development is ‘Going Well’

Halo: Reach already in playable state

by Kyle Hanson


Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC. Sure, we knew that already, but it’s one of those things that always makes you happy to hear. And while the game had a more than rocky launch on Xbox One, it seems like 343 Industries is working tirelessly to avoid the same thing on PC. Today’s official update sheds some light on how things are going, with the port team saying that “development is going well” with Halo: Reach already in a playable state.

“Development is going well, with Halo: Reach already in a playable state,” explains George Wright, Senior Producer from Splash Damage. “However, we have a very high bar for where the game needs to be, so have a lot more work to do before it’s ready to ship.”

Splash Damage is the partner studio responsible for porting Halo: The Master Chief Collection from Xbox One to PC. They won’t just be porting the game over though, their task as explained by 343 is to make MCC feel like a “PC-native experience by adding in the features, bells, and whistles PC gamers expect.”

After breaking down some of the challenges with porting a game as big as this, Wright goes on to break down their main focuses and priorities. “A big focus for us right now is getting the input system feeling right on PC. There are a lot of components to good FPS control on PC including: fully-remappable controls, minimal input latency, broad device support, and more. We’re also focused on adding some advanced input functionality and are currently testing out the ability to create custom mouse acceleration curves. This will allow very detailed tuning possibilities for mouse movement that many should be excited about.”

You can read the whole update right here, including more from Wright and the port team.

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