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Halo Wars 2? Microsoft hiring for AAA Strategy Development

by William Schwartz


A new job posting on Microsoft’s careers website indicates that the company is looking to hire a senior games developer to “help build and lead the team for a new AAA title within an established and well-loved strategy game franchise.”

The listing, which can be found here, doesn’t indicate what this established franchise is, but there really aren’t too many intellectual properties that Microsoft owns the rights to in the strategy genre that would make sense for the company.  Though one game that saw a huge following on the Xbox 360 is Halo Wars, and this job posting could signal that Microsoft has greenlit the sought after sequel.

While it’s by no means concrete information, there have been rumblings of a second Halo Wars game over the years.   Most recently, Phil Spencer spoke of his love for console RTS games, claiming that Halo Wars had a proven control scheme that works for consoles.

Looking even further back, Frank O’Connor of 343 Industries talked about the possibility of Halo Wars 2, saying that they weren’t working on anything at the time (2012), but that they hadn’t ruled out the possibility.

Halo Wars 2 is certainly just a rumor at this point, but with the recent talk from Spencer and the job listing, fans of the game could be in for a surprise announcement come E3 2014.  Regardless, Microsoft is working on something in the strategy genre, likely for the Xbox One.

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