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[Update] Hardcore Mode Call of Duty Players Are Upset With Black Ops 3

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Update:  Treyarch have expanded Hardcore playlist game type options in Black Ops 3 with the addition of Kill Confirmed and Domination.  Being that the game just launched, it’s odd that they weren’t in the rotation on day one.

Call of Duty has had a popular Hardcore mode for many years now.  This mode that aims to offer players additional challenge by making it easier to get killed, and forcing less reliance on things like maps, radars, and other HUD elements, has seen a stripped down to a shell of itself in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

First and foremost the variety of gamemodes for Hardcore players in Black Ops 3 is a much smaller offering than previous years.  With notable omissions in Hardcore Domination and Hardcore Kill Confirmed, two staples for players of Hardcore modes in previous Call of Duty games.  While Free for All and Capture the Flag have been added to take their place.  Why Treyarch decided to shake up the formula and strip a couple of fan-favorite modes instead of just offering the two new ones alongside the others is anyone’s guess.

Fans of Call of Duty have taken to Twitter, as well as hubs like Reddit and the Call of Duty forums to petition multiplayer designer David Vonderhaar to include these features back into the game.  While also layering on their hate of the HC TDM respawn timer as well.

It might not be as simple as players think to incorporate these modes into the game.  Specialists and their inclusion might be the real root of the problem.  Hardcore modes don’t seem to play well with the new Specialists, as there’s no real advantage to using these characters and their powerful abilities in Hardcore modes.

Treyarch hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but it’s entirely possible that these modes could end up on Black Ops 3 eventually.  Black Ops 2 saw new modes introduced into the Hardcore playlist after launch, and maybe this will be the case for Hardcore Modes in Black Ops 3.

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