Haunted Chocolatier is More Combat-Focused Than Stardew Valley, New Details Revealed

Haunted Chocolatier will be more combat-focused than Stardew Valley, but that's not it.

by Carlos Hurtado


Haunted Chocolatier may be more focused on combat than Stardew Valley, its developer shared more details about the game, and players got a small glimpse of how the game is turning out.

Haunted Chocolatier was revealed almost two weeks ago by its developer (ConcernedApe). The upcoming title has a lot of work up ahead, but it looks like is going to be an exciting and interesting game. The Stardew Valley creator made a lengthy blog post detailing the current state of the game, the many features and mechanics the game will have. The setting might look out of place coming from Stardew Valley’s creator, but this has allowed him to stretch his creativity and make fun additions without being grounded in the real world.

According to his post, the game is far from finished, even though it seems otherwise. Many aspects of the game need a lot of work, and its creator knows it, stating that he will only release the game when he feels like players will be able to enjoy it and have fun.


Two days ago, a new blog post appeared on the Haunted Chocolatier website. The blog post shares more information about the title, but this time focuses on the combat system. Haunted Chocolatier will focus more on combat compared to its older brother Stardew Valley. This doesn’t mean the combat system is going to be similar or a reworked version of Stardew Valley’s. The combat system is being created from scratch, like many of the game’s mechanics. The game will allow players to choose an aggressive or a defensive playstyle.

Blocking attacks will stunt enemies, giving players a chance to attack without taking damage. Players can also choose to go for fast attacks and finish the encounter sooner, so each playstyle will be rewarded accordingly. Haunted Chocolatier’s future looks promising, to say the least. The indie title has the Stardew Valley community excited, waiting for more information and details from its developer.

The art style, setting, enticing soundtrack, and interesting mechanics will have players at the edge of their seats while they wait for more information about the game. According to the developer, many of the things shown so far can change by the time the game is released. ConcernedApe even said that he is not going to show all the features of the game, as he thinks that it will take from the players’ experience.

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