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Stardew Valley Passes 15 Million Sales Milestone

Earning ConcernedApe more than a meager celery.

by Holly Alice


An official press release confirms that the true sales total of Stardew Valley passed 15 million copies. Fifteen. Million!

Starddew Valley is the UNDERTALE of farming simulators – made by a single creator (ConcernedApe), available on all major platforms, and incredibly well-received. And with cute pixel graphics too! Stardew Valley is an absolutely darling game that allows exploration of Pelican Town and its surroundings. Players can spend their days farming, fighting in the mines, fishing or simply making friends. With so many things to do there are hours’ worth of content in this gem of a game.

Hitting the 15 million sales milestone is a gigantic achievement for Stardew Valley as it is made by one man. Eric Barone, working as ConcernedApe, created Stardew with the help of publisher Chucklefish. Reaching such a milestone is almost unheard of when it comes to games with such a small team. The supposed answer of total sales was 10 million, but an official press release has revealed the true total of 15 million and counting!


At this time we don’t have a full breakdown of sales across platforms, but it is believed that half of the copies sold were on PC. Since the release of Stardew Valley has received numerous updates – including a recent expansion including a whole new island – all for free. This surely adds to the reasons for the massive success of the game.

Last week we learned that creator of Stardew Valley is focusing his work on a new game instead of his flourishing farm game. The news was bittersweet as Stardew fans don’t want support for the game to end, but are excited to see his new title. But, if Barone feels good enough to leave Stardew for a new project – so should we. The creator even spent a significant amount of time playing his own game

Stardew Valley is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC.

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