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Hear What The Star Ocean 5 Character’s Sound Like In English

by Mike Guarino


While all the updates we’ve been getting regarding Star Ocean 5 have been in Japanese, for the first time ever we get to see the game in action with English voice acting in a new trailer. It’s as dramatic and over-the-top as you would expect and you can check it out at the bottom of this post.

The YouTube description reveals that, “The latest game in the series, foreshadows an unknown menace headed for the underdeveloped planet of Faykreed, where Fidel Camuze, his childhood friend Miki Sauvester, and a mysterious young girl named Relia get drawn into a battle that may change the fate of the planet. Originally debuted at Jump Festa, the localized trailer showcases the English voice actors for the first time and features the theme song, “Astra Nova,” by Japanese rock band androp.”

The Star Ocean series began all the way back in the 90’s  with the release of Star Ocean in 1996, though the last game in the series was The Last Hope and released over 6 years ago now. That game got solid reviews at launch and was originally only available on Xbox 360 before getting an international PlayStation 3 version.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is set to launch in Japan on March 31st for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. A US release date is expected to to be revealed by E3 2016.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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