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Hearthstone Expansion Arriving ‘Soon’

by William Schwartz


The Hearthstone adventure, Curse of Naxxramas recently released but Blizzard is already hard at work at what they consider an ‘expansion’ for Hearthstone.

Lead designer of the addictive card game, Eric Dodds spoke with Joystiq and mentioned that an expansion is coming ‘soon’. It will add more cards to the mix, more than 100 cards to be somewhat exact. Citing that Hearthstone is “primarily a PvP game” Dodds clarified where the expansion will differ from Naxxramas. It will not be single-player capable, as the goal with adventures was to allow players to learn new strategies through single-player means and take them online. Just for that reason, Dodds also told Joystiq not to rule out future adventure content. I think its great for the community and fun single-player content is always a nice addition if you lets say, don’t have access to internet but need your Hearthstone fix.

When asked when the adventure content, Curse Of Naxxramas will be available for mobile iOS and Android Dodds simply replied “Still in progress”. Hopefully we will see it on mobile platforms by the end of the year.

Hearthstone is available now on PC, and mobile for iOS and Android. Curse Of Naxxramas adventure is available on PC.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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