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The Ultra Rare Hello Kitty Kruisers May Be Headed To The Nintendo Switch

by Jelani James


Here is something that might come as both good and bad news to collectors: Hello Kitty Kruisers might be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Specifically, Hello Kitty Kruisers was rated for the Switch by the German USK. Nothing is set in stone, but it would be odd for the game to be rated just for nothing to happen with it. Additionally, Nintendo has made a habit of porting many of its Wii U titles over to the Switch so that it could reach a larger audience (and potentially fill a void when there is a lapse in releases for certain franchises), so there’s certainly a precedent for this.

For all intents and purposes, there is nothing particularly special about Hello Kitty Kruisers. First released for iOS and Android in Jan. 2014, before arriving on the Wii U in March 2014, it is a simple racing game that features Hello Kitty and other characters developed by the Japanese company Sanrio. There are a fair amount of options in the form of vehicles, modes and outfits, but the game primarily fell flat due to its overall simplicity and the fact that the Sanrio license is essentially wasted, as none of the characters are voiced and do nothing to convey their personalities.

However, while the game might not be particularly good, the Wii U version happens to be exceptionally rare. As one might expect, not too many copies of this game exist outside of the Japan, so the ones that are out in the wild are quite expensive, with prices on eBay ranging from $39.95 to $219.99.

For those truly interested in playing it, the possibility of Hello Kitty Kruisers coming to the Switch means that they don’t have to burn a hole in their wallet for what is very much a mediocre game. On the other hand, collectors will likely be less than enthused to know that the game could potentially lose some of its value.

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