Attack of the Fanboy

The Hidden costs of the PS4

by William Schwartz


While today we heard that Sony’s PlayStation 4 console will be coming out this holiday season at $399, there are some hidden costs associated with the new platform.

The 500GB equipped console will have a comparable hard drive when compared to the Xbox One. The PS4 will also come stocked with a headset and HDMI cable for connection to your viewing device.

The camera for the PS4 will not, however, be included with this $399 version of the console. It’ll need to be purchased separately for $59. Furthermore, for players who’ll want an extra controller for local friendly gaming, the new Dual Shock 4 controller will run you $59 as well.

Sony has also introduced pay to play online gaming to the PS4. So the full PS4 experience could end up costing you a lot more than the $399 start-up cost.

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