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Hitman 2 Next DLC, New York, Launches For all Platforms Tomorrow

Agent 47 infiltrates a Bank in one of the biggest cities.

by Alex Levine


Hitman 2 has been a stellar title since it released back in 2018. IO Interactive has been updating the heck out of their stealth challenge game, and now we have a huge amount of content to look forward to. In fact, very soon as the company has finally announced that the first big DLC expansion, New York, will be releasing on all gaming platforms tomorrow.

Officially dubbed as The Bank, Agent 47 will be tasked with infiltrating the structure in another Story Mission called the Golden Handshake. The trailer shows us some pretty shots of the Bank itself, even some small ones of the Big Apple surrounding it, which may indicate our starting location within the actual map itself. Knowing IO and how they like to make each mission a stealth challenge, we’re more than likely going to be starting far away and have to work our way into the Bank, giving us some awe-inspiring sights of New York.

The trailer is narrated by what we assume is the target of the mission, a cold, calculating, sociopath who we find out is actually talking to 47 himself. It then zooms in on the agent who is wearing a hand-knitted suit like sweater, tie in all. An interesting choice of attire, but we’ve seen weirder ones in the series before. On top of getting a new map, it also comes with additional challenges, which include two additional assignments for other targets.

As we said earlier, Hitman 2 New York will launch tomorrow June 25. No price was given in the announcement, but we won’t be waiting long to find out. If you own the Expansion Pass for the game, then all you have to do is download it once it goes live. You can watch the reveal trailer here:

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