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Hitman 2 Receives a New Sniper Assassin Map Next Week

Agent 47 heads to Singapore.

by Alex Levine


Hitman 2 is finally getting some new content in the form of a brand new map, which will be part of the first Expansion Pack. Taking place in Singapore at the Hantu Port, this map will be available in the Sniper Assassin Mode and it will launch next week on Tuesday, March 26 for all platforms.

According to the mission briefing, a couple has been kidnapped by an evil organisation called the Heavenly Guard. As Agent 47, you’ll need to find a good crows next and wait for the hostages to be taken to a cargo ship where the three targets will eventually reveal themselves. Once you have them in sight, you’ll need to take them out in succession without alarming anyone in the process. The challenge can also be undertaken with via co-op multiplayer, where you will both take on the roles of special operatives Stone and Knight. Along with the new map is a brand new sniper rifle, new discoveries, and new outfits for Agent 47.

For those of you who own the Expansion Pass, you will automatically receive the new map once it releases. Hitman 2 was one of the highest rated games of 2018, with excellent stealth mechanics as well as a plethora of scenarios for Agent 47 to dish out the assassinations on his targets. As we mentioned earlier, the Hantu Port map will launch next week on Tuesday, March 26. You can check out the reveal trailer here:

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