Hitman: Agent 47 Film Not Receiving the Best of Reviews

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With the launch of a new movie centering around gaming’s favorite hitman, Agent 47, it’s sad to see that early reviews are not positive of the 2015 reboot. As of this post, the film currently holds a 7% based on 25 reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus of the site reading, “Hitman: Agent 47 fails to clear the low bar set by its predecessor, forsaking thrilling action in favor of a sleekly hollow mélange of dull violence and product placement.

IGN, yeseterday revealed their review and graded it a 6/10, commenting on the bland CGI effects and convoluted plot line. the eponymous agent 47 is played by Rupert Friend, who searches for a woman named Katia Van Dees, also known as agent 90 before she can be kidnapped for her DNA.

Its sad to see that the growing trend of failed video game adaptions continues to hit screens, as Hollywood scrambles to figure out these franchises. With a Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed movie on the horizon I can only be nervous, but enthusiastic. I have faith in Ubisoft’s new movie studio that was formed in the same vein as Marvel Studios, so hopefully the film starring Michael Fassbender will prove more successful. Hitman: Agent 47 failed to hit its mark, though the box office return could be a different story.

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