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Hollow Knight Getting a Full-On Sequel, Silksong

The critically-acclaimed Metroidvania is getting a full sequel.

by Dylan Siegler


Yes, you read that headline right. What was once intended to be even more single-player DLC for 2017’s critically-acclaimed Metroidvania Hollow Knight has now evolved into its own fully-fledged game.

Developer Team Cherry recently announced the news, giving the name of the new game, Hollow Knight: Silksong. In this sequel, players will play as Hornet as she explores an entirely new map from the one in the original game. The developers explained that they have been working on this project ever since the release of the first Hollow Knight two years ago. Though it was originally supposed to be DLC, this adventure kept growing in scale during development until it got to the point where it could no longer be contained as just an add-on to the original game, so now it’s its own game.

Silksong will contain many new features, including a new kingdom to explore, new enemies and bosses, new tools, and a new Silk Soul mode. Plus, Hornet plays differently from the Knight from the first game, so there will be challenge in learning this new moveset as well. No release date or window was given for the game, but it will launch on PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch, with the possibility of other consoles after that. Also, those who contributed to Hollow Knight‘s Kickstarter will get Silksong for free when it comes out.

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