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Homefront: The Revolution Dev Promises Fixes For Performance Issues

by Mike Guarino


It’s no secret at this point that the launch of Homefront: The Revolution did not go very well, though developer Dambuster Studios has expressed their intention to try and make things right. They have now revealed that they plan to fix the bugs and glitches that players are experiencing at launch as quickly as possible, while also continuing to release a steady stream of free content.

The news was revealed on the Homefront community forums, where the developer said that they are pleased to have the game out, “But we’re also aware that performance – particularly frame rate – is not currently where we want it to be, and we are working on additional patches to help address these issues and more. Patch notes per platform will be available on the community forums and on Steam when they go live.”

They then go on to discuss the upcoming free content:

“In the meantime, the first free content in our post-launch Resistance Mode road map has been unlocked for all players today. All 8 individual pieces of the two new Punk and Anarchist outfits, plus the Punk and Anarchist full body clothing, can be found in your character’s Gear and Clothing menu for players to customize their Fighters with. On top of that, two bonus Hail Mary boosters in your Consumables inventory offer a free instant revive to help you on your way to completing Missions on the hardest difficulty. Use them wisely!”

We recently chimed in with our own review of Homefront: The Revolution, saying that the game “falters in its execution with widespread technical glitches and repetitive missions that make this one hard to recommend.” It remains to be seen if the developer can salvage the game with patches and make it at least enjoyable to an extent at some point further down the line, but for now it isn’t impressing anyone.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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