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Homefront: The Revolution Getting PS4 Pro Support With Spring Update

by Mike Guarino


Homefront: The Revolution launched as a buggy mess last year, but developer Dambusters stuck with the game and slowly but surely fixed many of the game’s technical issues to make the game playable. Now as we near the game’s launch anniversary, the developer has announced that the game will be getting PlayStation 4 Pro support.

The developer made the announcement in a new blog post on the game’s official website, noting that the game will be getting a Spring update that will be arriving in March. They say that “The Team have been working incredibly hard, focusing on remaining issues and our third and final DLC, Beyond the Walls. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it, it’s certainly going to be a breath of fresh air. “Also included, anyone with a PS4 Pro will have the dial turned up a little to see a boost to resolution and performance. There are also some HDR enhancements thrown in there too!”

They then go on to reveal that those who haven’t yet tried out the game on consoles will be able to do so without purchasing the game, which will be thanks to a trial period. “We are excited to open up the world of Philadelphia to more players and look forward to seeing you all in Resistance Mode. We will have more information to share soon but hopefully this gives you all a taster on what’s to come.”

It’s great to see that the developers have been so committed to this game since its awful launch, as usually games like this will be largely left for dead. While it’s no excuse for releasing a game in the state that it was in, they’ve at least had the dignity to attempt to right their wrongs.

Homefront: The Revolution is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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