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Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Been Rated In Australia

by Damian Seeto


The PS4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has now been rated over in Australia. This is a sign that the game is nearly complete so hopefully no more delays are made.

The Australian Classification Board rated Horizon: Zero Dawn earlier this week. It has been rated M for “Science Fiction Themes and Violence“.

The game has a moderate impact on both violence and themes. The game also has a mild impact on language. It has no references to drugs, nudity or sex.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive made by Guerrilla Games. The developer is most famous for the Killzone franchise, but Zero Dawn is a huge departure to its previous efforts.

The game wowed everyone back at E3 2015 when it was first revealed. It featured actual gameplay footage and lots of people have been excited for it ever since.

It was scheduled for Fall 2016 but is now going to be out in early 2017. The delay might have been worth it as it will get PS4 Pro support at launch. This means you can play it in 4K and in HDR.

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