Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Main Character Inspired By Ripley And Sarah Connor

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The inspiration for Horizon: Zero Dawn’s main character came from popular female characters such as Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor.

Paradiger asked the game’s director, Mathijs de Jonge on how Guerrilla Games got inspiration for the main character in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Jonge said on Twitter they needed a “strong character” for the game. He noted Ellen Ripley from Aliens and Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies as big inspirations. He said he also wanted the character to be “young and tribal” too.

The main character in Horizon: Zero Dawn is named Aloy and is a female warrior. Many of you may have seen her kick butt in the E3 2015 gameplay trailer. She looks like a character that you don’t want to mess with.

Jonge also mentioned it is coincidental that Aloy looks similar to a character from Game of Thrones. It’s possible Guerrilla Games are fans of the show and somehow ended up creating a character that looks like that accidentally.

It’s great that Guerrilla Games decided to create something new with Horizon: Zero Dawn. Many people were impressed with how the game is looking so far. It is sure to be a PS4 exclusive that gamers must check out when it comes out next year.

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