Hot Toys Announces Official Batman vs Superman Toys Including The Batmobile

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Hot Toys has announced the range of toys that they will be making for Batman vs Superman. They have even made a new Batmobile for the Ben Affleck figure.

As reported by Batman News, Hot Toys will be making several toys for Batman vs Superman. They will be releasing a normal Batman, robot suit Batman and a Superman figure from the looks of the teaser image. It’s possible Wonder Woman and the desert Batman are in the pipeline too.

They only showed the feet of the aforementioned toys. This is because they will be revealed in full on December 18th at the Toy Soul 2015 in Hong Kong. The Hot Toys booth is where you can see these detailed toys for the first time.

The only figure they showed in full is a 1/6 scale of the new Batmobile that Ben Affleck uses in Batman vs Superman. The Batman figure will be able to sit inside and it will have a detailed cockpit. Not to mention the dashboard lights up and more.

Batman vs Superman releases in March 2016 and marks the first time that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are featured in a big budget live action movie. It will also introduce Doomsday to mainstream audiences too as seen in the latest trailer.

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