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Human Head Studios to Team Up with Shinra Technologies

by William Schwartz


Prey 2 may be dead in the water but developer Human Head Studios is back in the saddle again. According to early reports, Human Head Studio is developing a new game for Shinra Technologies, a division of Square Enix.

Little is known about the title so far- just an emphasis on multiplayer gaming utilizing cloud based technology. So far, Human Head Studios isn’t the only studio teaming up with Shinra Technologies and Square Enix. Both Camouflaj and Hardsuit Labs have announced partnerships with the company. Expect announcements of their games at this year’s E3 and more details to surface as a result.

Shinra Technologies was launched last year by former Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada. Using cloud based technology, titles produced by Shinra Technologies and other studios are intended to utilize multiple consoles and PCs in order to create a sort of “super computer”, which will allow game titles to transcend beyond the limitations of one system. Expect, or at least hope for, new gaming experiences that take advantage of this technology. Beta testing is expected to continue on through this year.

But regardless, keep your eye out for E3 this year. Hopefully, this new project by Human Head Studios won’t go the way of Prey 2.

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