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Hyrule Warriors Day-One Patch Adds Challenge Mode

by William Schwartz


Hyrule Warrior’s is just around the corner but it seems we already have news that a day-one patch will add new modes to the game.

Hyrule Warriors is an upcoming action hack-and-slash for the Nintendo Wii U developed by Omega Force and co-published by Koei-Tecmo with Nintendo. It takes pieces of Dynasty Warriors gameplay that so many are familiar with and add Zelda characters to the mix in one of the first third-party developed titles to go exclusive for the Nintendo Wii-U.

The upcoming game will have a day-one patch that was previously teased by Koei-Tecmo. It adds Challenge Mode, which was announced during the recent Nintendo Treehouse live stream. It is reported to play a lot like Adventure Mode but significantly harder. The update will not only add the new mode but also but the ability to change the background music and a new weapon. The update is similar to the recent update on September 1st for the Japanese version which included a pixelated sword and shield which resembles that of the original Legend Of Zelda.

Players should be ready for a real test when Hyrule Warriors releases exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U on September 26th in North America and September 19th in Europe.

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