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Hyrule Warriors Getting A New Game Mode From A Free Update

by Damian Seeto


Koei Tecmo will be releasing a patch for Hyrule Warriors to fix some bugs. The best part about the update is that it will come with a free and new game mode too.

As reported earlier, the Japanese version of Hyrule Warriors has been plagued with technical issues. Luckily, Koei Tecmo knows about them and will be releasing the update/patch to fix all of the known bugs.

The tweet mentioned by Koei Tecmo says that the first update for Hyrule Warriors is nearly complete. They’ve also added a “little new game mode”. It goes on to say that they are currently working to deliver it as soon as possible and for fans to wait just “a little more”.

It doesn’t sound like a huge big mode will be added to this first update for Hyrule Warriors. Whatever it may be, hopefully it is something worthwhile for owners of the game.The first thing to address is of course the bugs and technical issues.

People have been hoping down the line that Hyrule Warriors will add online co-op. At the moment, the game only has offline co-op. It will be interesting if Koei Tecmo adds online co-op to the game if fans continue to ask them for it.

Hyrule Warriors releases September 19th in Europe and September 26th in North America for the Wii U.

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