If Konami is Remaking Silent Hill 2, Then Metal Gear Solid Remakes Could Follow

Konami could remake Metal Gear Solid, but should they?

by Chris Park


Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill are some of Konami’s most popular IP in their long-running history of making games. The rumor mill has been churning at full speed recently when it comes to Silent Hill 2 and the potential for Konami to wade into making remakes of their popular games.  There are numerous games in the Silent Hill franchise that are purportedly in development and that includes a full remake of Silent Hill 2 by Konami. The Japanese game maker has fallen off in recent years in respect to mainstream gaming, but they haven’t stopped rolling out games in the meantime, they’ve just been niche products that don’t appeal to a mainstream audience.

If Konami is bent on getting back into the limelight they’ve got a wide catalog of IP to work with.  That includes the Silent Hill franchise, which has obviously sparked these rumors of the Silent Hill 2 Remake.  There’s actually a lot more IP that Konami owns which they could tap into for potential remakes, but none would push them back into the mainstream more than Metal Gear Solid.

Konami has a number of options with their IP catalog

If Silent Hill 2 is remade, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to think that Konami could remake Metal Gear Solid, one of the most popular video games of all time.  While there have been plenty of games in the Metal Gear series over the years, the video game industry has ballooned in popularity since the original release of Metal Gear Solid and a remake of this classic could easily be one of the most popular entries in the series to date.

If there’s one thing that Konami likes, it’s money and a remake of Metal Gear Solid done correctly could bring in barrels of it.  Despite not being in the aforementioned “mainstream” of video game publishers and developers at this point in history the company is making billions.  This is largely spearheaded by mobile games like E-Football and Yu-Gi-Oh titles on phones and mobile devices.

So if the Silent Hill 2 remake rumors hold true, it wouldn’t be out of the question that the company tap into this other major intellectual property.    Embattled as it may be, the Metal Gear series still has legions of fans despite initially releasing over 30+ years ago on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Problems With a Metal Gear Solid Remake

The problems with a Metal Gear Solid remake are the optics.  Konami’s battle with Hideo Kojima has been public and it has been brutal.  One of the most renown game developers of our time, Hideo Kojima, had a very public falling out with Konami.  The extent of which saw Kojima’s name scrubbed from all properties which Konami owned that he had worked on, or in some cases, created.   The problem Konami has here is whether the gaming public at large has moved on from this public battle and the bad press leading up to the release of this hypothetical remake of the Metal Gear Solid games.  Which also begs the questions of whether a modern remake of Metal Gear Solid would have the same heart and soul as the classics considering everything that has changed in recent years.

Kojima could do it.  Can you imagine a Metal Gear Solid Remake in the Death Stranding engine?  Sure, that would be a beautiful masterpiece.  On the hand, you have Konami.  The last efforts in the Metal Gear series was Metal Gear Survive which was by most accounts a bad video game.  So while a Silent Hill 2 remake could certainly open the door to a Metal Gear Solid remake from Konami it’s not quite as clear cut given all the controversy that has surrounded the franchise to this point.

At this point, Silent Hill 2 Remake is speculation and a remake of Metal Gear Solid is speculation that depends on other speculation being true.  That said, don’t get your hopes up, but in a world where anything that’s been successful gets remade or rebooted at some point, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities if Konami wanted to regain any former glory… if that’s even possible.

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