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inFamous 2 Media Day Details, Gameplay & Giant Behemoth

by William Schwartz


Today Sucker Punch hosted it’s media day for inFamous 2.  At the event the developer showcased three key features of inFamous 2.  First, a boss battle with a monster called “The Behemoth”.  Back at E3 last year Sucker Punch hinted at this massive beast and the screenshot above gives an impressive gauge of the sheer size of this beast.  Next the developer revealed a mission title “Forced Conduits”  you can find the video below for the mission.  In Forced Conduits you’ll find ordinary people with super-human powers.

Last, Sucker Punch revealed a few missions that were created with the user-generated content tools. As we’ve already heard users will be able to create diverse and unique levels within the world of inFamous 2. Many have likened it to LittleBigPlanet’s creation set with a whole lot more ass-kicking. We included the video below.

There’s also some extra screenshots below that were included in the media update from Sucker Punch. inFamous 2 is schedule to release on June 7th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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