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Infinity Ward Confirms Its Developing Call of Duty 2016

by Damian Seeto


Call of Duty 2016 has been officially confirmed as Infinity Ward will be developing the new title in the long running first-person shooter franchise.

Infinity Ward announced on Twitter: “COD 2016. Now it’s official. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been developing! “. As you can see, the game has yet to have a name to its title, but we will see a Call of Duty game this year.

This is unlike Ubisoft which recently announced that it is taking a break from Assassin’s Creed this year. Sure the spin-off games came out with a movie on the way, but a proper Assassin’s Creed video game won’t be out in 2016.

Activision however does not want to slow down as it will keep releasing Call of Duty games every year until demand dies down. Demand for the games is still strong as sales for Black Ops 3 are really good. It will be interesting to see what Infinity Ward has planned.

Many people are speculating that Ghosts 2 will be out in 2016. However, Ghosts was not as well received as Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare series. The developer could try something different and release a new COD game. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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